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We always want to be first in the minds of our vegan and veggie friends. Even if you’re a meat-eater, we’d love for you to try some of our many vegan options. Going vegan doesn’t mean you’re giving up flavor and we can prove that. These are just some of dishes on our menus however feel free to tell us what you like and we’ll create the dish you’re dreaming of.

A Popeye Roll_lowres

Our Popeye Roll is only on the menu in RVA and only for dine-in. Sautéed shiitake mushrooms in a inside-out roll perfectly replace some finer cuts of fish and the seasoned spinach brings it all together. 5 bucks!

A South Roll_lowres

Available at all locations, The South Roll! It’s simplicity is so tasty! Tempura-fried sweet potato drizzled with honey and topped with sesame seeds.

A Gi Jane lowres

Crunchy and creamy and available at all locations. The little sister to our GI Joe Roll is the GI Jane! Cucumbers, cream cheese, and scallions rolled in crushed wasabi peas.

A Silence of the Yams_lowres

Also only available in RVA for dine-in/take-out/delivery is one of our staples with our fans. Silence of the Yams! It’s a futomaki roll with tempura-fried sweet potato, toasted coconut, avocado, radish sprouts and umeboshi plum paste and it’s delicious.

A Garden Balls lowres

The popularity of our Sticky Balls lead us to create a tasty option for our vegan friends. And you can grab our Garden Balls at any location! The tuna and crab meat have been replaced with shiitake mushrooms, red peppers, cilantro, green peppers, jalapeños and spicy rice. Just like the original, it’s tempura-fried in a inari pocket and drizzled with eel sauce.


On our regular menu now in RVA for dine-in only! Agedashi Tofu – Tender cubes of crispy fried tofu in a smokey, vegan dashi sauce.


Try out Tofu Bites instead of tots next time. Crispy and saucy and available at all Stickys!


We’ve got an impressive amount of salads to choose from. Replace the meat with grilled tofu!

A Garden of Eden lowres

The Garden of Eden Roll (RVA, DC, Bmore) Tempura-fried carrots, cucumbers, avocados and sesame seeds rolled with wasabi mayo and umeboshi paste.

A Gardens on Fire lowres

The Garden on Fire Roll!! The spicier version of the previous roll.. much much more spicier. Have cold beer standing by.

A Shitake Happens_lowres

Only available in RVA is another dish focusing on our sautéed shiitake mushrooms is Shiitake Happens. Served battleship-style.

A Avocado Roll lowres

Like they say… KISS! Keep it simple stupid, The Avocado Roll. And this is as simple yet delicious as it gets. Usually ordered for a group ordering multiple rolls to share, everyone needs some avocado in their life and diet. Available at all locations and sushi spots world-wide. Duh.

A Spicy Avo Roll_lowres

Add more flavor if you don’t have wimpy friends! Spicy Avocado Roll! And be sure to always check Our Specials, we’re always busy dreaming up the next vegan dish.

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