Here’s some info about the goings on at Sticky Rice Richmond……

Classes are out, friends are back in town, we love being festive, hours change and we want all of you to be informed.

Monday 18th – Holiday Classic Sushi Heaven. Enjoy 1/2 priced sushi while we play Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story on the big screen. 10:30pm-12:30am

Tuesday 19th – Ugly sweater karaoke. Gift card to best/worst sweater. 11pm

Wednesday 20th – Jingle Jingle Blingo! – Winner of the “blackout” round will win a dinner for 2 on New Years Eve. 11pm

Thursday 21st – Winter Wonderland…A party for you. We are very thankful for everyone that comes through our door. This night is for you. Specials, music, fun and more

Friday 22nd – Sushi Happy Hour – 1/2 priced sushi 5pm-6pm and, later on, music by Weird Sailboat

Saturday 23rd – A Festivus for the Rest of Us – Come see our Festivus Pole. No Airing of Grievances. No Feats of Strength. Just Love

Sunday 24th – We will be open for lunch (til 4pm) and reopen at 9pm for cocktails and tots

Monday 25th – We will open at 9pm for all of your post gift opening/binge eating drinks and tots

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