Sushi Heaven

Long before Living Social & Groupon, we’ve been offering our own 50% off deal.   Every Monday night, save 50% off select sushi items!

Sticky Rice Richmond, Baltimore – Every Monday Night between 10:30pm and 12:30am
Sticky Rice DC 9:00-11:00


Karaoke Night

You’ll find that our karaoke nights are the best in town no matter what location you come to.  Sing your heart out and we’ll keep your vocal chords lubricated with beer & drink specials all night!

Sticky Rice Richmond & Baltimore:  Every Tuesday Night at 10:30pm

Sticky Rice DC:  Every Thursday Night at 10:30pm


Born almost a decade ago in Richmond, Blingo has been one of our favorite nights.  It’s high paced Bingo action mixed in with prize swaps, dares and usually not-so-great prizes.

Sticky Rice Richmond:  Every Wednesday with Host Hulley!

Sticky Rice Baltimore:  Every Thursday Night at 10:30pm

Warfare Wednesdays

“Madman” Mike will be serving awesome drinks and playing the whackest of whack videos while Andrew and Zach guide you through all of the trials and tribulations that is Warfare Wednesday!

Sticky Rice Baltimore:  Every Wednesday Night at 10:30pm

Dance It
Every Friday and Saturday night Dance parties, DJ’s and music videos!!!